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When is “No Problem” a problem?

ruin of civilizationThe other day there was an article on the editorial page of our local newspaper, the Austin American Statesman, in which the writer spoke of when she thanked a person where she had shopped and they responded with “no problem” it made her want to do business elsewhere. She really went after what she saw as the underlying motivation for what would cause “no problem” to be the response to “‘thank you” and painted it more like the fall of civilization. She seemed to be saying that if in doing business with a company is all about you, then the customer will go elsewhere since it doesn’t matter to that business – it was “not a problem to provide that service.”

Well, it got me to thinking – why do people stop doing business with a business and I remembered reading somewhere that the number one reason people leave a business is not because of price or other things but when it appears or seems to the customer that the business no longer values the business dollars that that customer brings.

Huh. Perception is reality in this case for sure.

Because its human nature to scan any topic for “what’s this got to do with me?” I of couse wondered if we as a business had made a point of making that clear to our clients? So in the interest of making CDMaker’s position clear, those that wish to do business with CDMaker, we do value your business.

That’s why we always strive to have a live (knowledgeable) person answer the phone. We don’t have a receptionist – there’s no one too good here to pick up the phone.

We response to emails within the hour for the most part during the business day – what’s the point of sending an email if no one responds? We believe this is how we show you how much your business means to us.

We give realistic turntimes – again, we value your business. How insulting would it be for us to know how much is riding on a CD or DVD being available but never tell you if your due date is realistic?

We just had a client ask us something about his CD and we followed up on it and made sure it wasn’t a problem. We weren’t content until we had put our hands back on the CD and were able to confirm without a doubt that there wasn’t any problem. His response? “You really care about my CD, don’t you?”

Yes, CDMaker really cares. And…

You are welcome! It was no problem to make sure you are happy.




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