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Using Text in Photoshop

I know this sounds obvious but you have no idea how many times we receive full layout files where a designer has used Photoshop and used Photoshop to place their text or the words.

What’s the problem – right?

Photoshop isn’t designed to handle text – its written to manipulate photos – hence its name.

Yes, but Photoshop allows you to place text so why would it let you if it wasn’t capable of handling text?

That’s a darn good question.

There’s some technical terms like “vector” and “non-vector” which relates to the smoothness of the outside or inside of the shape of fonts. You get two kinds – smooth and non-smooth and Photoshop while it tries its best – just isn’t going to be the smoothest font shape.

We’ve seen reversed out fonts where on the screen – no problem – but print that file and the finished piece is hard to read. If we looked at it through a loop and we can see small dots on the inside of the letters that are reversed out.


Its how Photoshop treats text.

So what’s the best practice – use the right tool for the job. Photoshop for images and then bring those photoshop files into InDesign and use InDesign to place text in its separate layer.

But I only have Photoshop you say?

Well, you can choose but if your printer mentions this or shows you a proof – ask them about the fonts and see if they can provide you with feedback. If push comes to shove – ask them if you can provide the Photoshop file and then the text in a word file. You might want to do a mockup to show them how you want the text to layout over that panel – but ask them if they will use your files and incorporate them into InDesign. Yes, you might have to pay a little for the help but you’ll get a better looking printed piece because your efforts.

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