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Sleeves & Wallets


This is an example of a CD Sleeve – For the template – CLICK HERE (right click on PCs)

These are made from cardboard and printed full color.

Standard turntimes on sleeves runs approx 10 – 12 business days from approval of our confirmation PDF.

Your next option up from a CD sleeve is a wallet – a wallet opens up like a book. We have two templates for a 4-panel 1-pocket CD wallet – one for short runs and one for larger runs. If we told you why, we’d have to kill you. No not really, in order to be able to produce these in short run quantities (100, 200, 300, 500) they have to be set up for a press whose print space is a little different than the larger press. The same quality just having the panels layed out differently.

If you are wanting a 4-panel with a single pocket for a disc – use this template   4 panel wallet – one pocket

The next option is for a 4-panel wallet with two pockets – perhaps you are doing a two-disc release.

Here’s a quick list of templates. If you click on the actual text, you can download the file. You may have to RIGHT-CLICK and choose a target location to save.

2 -panel Template

4-panel wallet – single pocket

4-panel wallet – double pocket

6 panel wallet – single pocket

6-panel wallet – double pocket

For Pricing on various quantities – Click hereto connect with someone who can get you the pricing on the package you want.