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Proofing Regret

Proofing and Approving

If you have ever had something printed that when you got it you noticed a mistake and brought it to the printer’s attention and they saw what you meant but told you “you approved it”?

It doesn’t feel good especially since 99.99% of the time – they are right – you did approve it.

And to help we’ve made a quick tip sheet to help you in your proofing.

Why do I have to Proof?
Save your project from disaster.

Proofing is very important you should NEVER give your OK to print unless you see everything. Do NOT submit a printing approval with changes – what’s the point? It just confusing things and does not save you time and gives a printer mixed messages and none of that is good for you or your project.

We can’t say this enough, just because you’ve seen it on your screen doesn’t mean that it will look the same to a printer. We don’t have anything to proof it against other than the files we receive. You’re investing in your dream and it deserves your full attention. If you’re not sure why you’re being asked to approve something – ask.

Let us know what you think about the tips – if you have one we need to add – let us know.

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