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Digipak Templates – What are the Advantages and How to Get Started

Digipak Templates

Digipaks are a combination of cardboard and a plastic tray secured inside. One of the most popular format in digipaks is called a “4-panel digipak” which opens like a book and has two outer panels and two inner panels. One of those inner panels is the tray and disc.

The other most popular is a “6-panel digipak”.

Advantages to Digipaks

They just look cool. They also are cheaper to mail and by all account suffer significantly less damage than a plastic jewel case when received. They are printed on recycled paper and are printed using soy-based inks.

Disadvantages to Digipaks

Since most people order in 1000, I’ll address these for when printing 1000 or less.

They cost more. You sort of “lose” a panel where the tray goes and its a bit tricky to flow the text to show up underneath it especially with all the raised pieces like the center hub and outer round areas. And don’t forget there are glue dots which can cover up some words and NO you can not request a special dot location. And your budget can get blown when you want a pocket and a booklet in your digipak.

Digipak Templates –

We are printing digipaks in digital color as well as traditional offset. Additionally, we can provide them in quantities as few as 100 or as many as you need. Depending on your needs, we have different templates for the same format so make sure we know how many you are planning to do – it helps us get you exactly what you need.

To ensure you have the latest digipak templates that work for your needs – if you would provide your details here – we’ll have our prepress department retrieve the correct template for you. This does save you time and therefore money from you choosing the incorrect template – designing your entire package only to find out when you’re ready to print that you have to modify your artwork to get the pricing you want. This way you get exactly the digipak template you want and need from the beginning.

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