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CD DVD disc face

For silk-screening use the same template for both CD and DVD disc faces.

Click here to download – Disc Face

What you will want to know

1. Best to use our template for anything you’d like us to produce – whether duplication or replication

2. Best to leave the center hole to us if you have any doubts – remember that there IS going to be a hole and you’ll want to keep people’s faces or things you want to print OUT of that area

3. If you need a white flood underneath your artwork – don’t sweat it if you want it to cover the entirety of the disc before we start laying down the artwork on top – just tell us

4. If you only want white on a portion of your disc – and this ONLY applies to replication or manufacturing orders, then you will need to set up a layer that will look black probably on your screen since you can’t force a white background on a backlit computer screen. If you have trouble with that – we can help – we have a full service in house graphics department and reasonable rates. We’ll proof everything we can with you.

Dot Density Information

This will feel like a lot of technical information and it is. When a disc is printed we do color separations and break a file into the colors to be used in the printing of the disc.

Within images and text – not all is 100% of a specific color – it can be a percentage.

For example, sometimes to make something look “grey” instead of it being set to grey its really black ink printed to a density of some percentage of 100% black – so black could be set to 50% and it would appear grey.

The challenge is for silk-screen is that that printing process – just like what we did in gradeschool – is pushing ink through a screen. So where the fibers intersect whatever was on one side has no physical way to be printed to the disc – and yes, we’re talking that “dot” – so a disc can lose dots. The term for that is dot-loss. So things that are set to print 25% of a single color actually could lose so many dots that it would be so faint on the disc as to disappear.

On the reverse side, 85% dot density could appear to print solid.

So you need to narrow your tonal range – because silk-screen is not like printing on a press. As a rule – less than 30% will disappear and greater than 85% will fill in to appear solid.

And as with everything, if you want us to check something specific for you in a file review – please ask. Its a bit like medical testing – the tests are set up to look for specific things. We’re happy to lend our expertise to help make this a smooth process from start to finish.

If you are planning a duplication run and you would like a sample before we complete your project – ask – its possible without a huge price tag. Our goal is to make sure you are happy even if you’ve never done this before.

If you are planning a replicated or manufactured disc – you’ll only receive a PDF proof. If you need a press proof – understand that this requires the same amount of set up even if we were to print 1000. So there is a fee for this – ask your representative. FYI – most everyone only relies on the PDF proof.