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Why don’t we post our templates here?

For the record, we highly recommend that you use templates from whomever you choose to be your manufacturer. They may all be pretty close but why risk the unnecessary delay – make no assumptions is our trademark.

All our templates are free!

We even have published a disc with all our templates on it – we’ll mail it to you – just let us know you want it and where we need to send it.

We have all the templates that would be suitable whether you are doing duplication or manufacturing when it comes to jewel cases, cardboard, posters and wallets.

(If you’re asking – why don’t they just put the templates on the site? Scroll down – I got this.

If you’d just like to toss the ball over the net to us, use this request form to let us know what you need.


We get asked all the time – Why don’t you have templates on your site?

Well, part of the reason is we have different templates for different quantities. In our world the template for a 4-panel digipak for 100 units is different than the template for a 4-panel digipak for 1000.

We work very hard to make sure that you’re getting the best value for every dollar you invest in your project. Part of that requires that different presses are used and in order to make that process use the least amount of labor, paper and time (all things that cost you money) we have to carefully position the press surface so that we can produce a lot of items and not waste.

How confusing would it be for you or your graphic designer to have to keep up with which template you would be using?

How frustrating it would be to think you’re ready to go only to find out that your designer used the wrong template because you increased your order?

When we get a chance to talk with you and find out what you’re doing, we can minimize the confusion.

Now, if you still manage to use the wrong template…then we’ll need to have that little talk.

Don’t worry, we won’t bite and sometimes people have said to us

“You know, you asked me questions I didn’t even think about but that I need to so that I can even tell my graphic designer what to do.”

Yeah, that’s CDMaker. Using the technology when it makes sense and going analog when its needed.

Remember you can speak with a live person during business hours (512) 388-1998 or (800) 678-1998 or use the “click to chat” button below.