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300 CDs duplicated? How about 300 Replicated Minimum for CDs and DVD5?

We get called a lot for 300 CDs duplicated. CDMaker is proud to announce that as of September 2012, the replication minimum has been lowered from 500 units to 300 units for audio cds, cd-rom and dvd5s.

What’s the difference between 300 CDS duplicated vs that amount Replicated?

Replication is the manufacturing process that is used to press optical media. After software diagnosis analysis of the disc, a glass master is produced and from that glass master the stampers that are attached to different equipment designed to produce CDs or DVDs.

Image of a 4-panel digipak with a CD

300 CD Replication Pricing in a 4-panel Digipak Packaging –


  • Customer provides press-ready artwork files within CDMaker templates within spec
  • Physical master
  • Our paperwork
  • IPR form
  • 75% Deposit (call to use credit card)


So 300 CDs duplicated is going to cost more than 300 replicated?

Pretty much. When you compare 300 cds duplicated vs 300 replicated in the same packaging, you will be spending less on the replicated version because of the cost savings that manufacturing offers. We’re working on the pricing for more configurations of packaging, this digipak format was the one we have been asked about the most.

Any packaging option for 300 CDS duplicated is available on the 300 replicated packages?

Absolutely. Anything from a simple cardboard sleeve on up to an 8-panel digipak with a booklet if you want. So that’s why it helps if you tell which specific packaging you’d like – we can get you a pricing on exactly what you need.

In the meantime, to receive a quote on precisely what you need at this quantity – use the form below:

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And if you need more information about the difference between duplication versus replication you can always call us. In a short version, duplication is where you take a blank disc which has dye on the underside and copy files or music from one location to that blank disc. So you’re taking something that already exists and burning the data into the dye. Its great for quick runs or very low quantities from 1 copy to 200 copies is usually a good option for most applications. But what makes a CD-R a CD-R – the ability to be altered to hold data, is also its downfall. That dye can breakdown over time, the original disc if its not a duplication grade A blank may hardly have any dye on it at all. All this will have some impact on playback. Not to mention that when you drop on of these or scratch the underside, you could be compromising the data and end up with a disc that won’t play back.

Replication is a manufacturing process where poly carbonate pellets are melted down and injected into machines that have plates in them that match your master in terms of the physical nature of how the data is encoded on the master and when the discs are pressed they have all the data encoded into them. There’s a lot of set up that has to happen which is called glass mastering, then the stampers are created, the discs pressed, then the artwork output to film and the disc is then printed in a separate but related process and then ready to be assembled into a package.

Don’t worry, if you call we will always suggest the 300 replicated package to save your budget money even if you ask about 300 cds duplicated.

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