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Short Run CD Duplication

Short run CD duplication is used when the amount of discs needed for a project are so few that manufacturing would be excessive. This is true for CD duplication as well as DVD duplication.

What is Short Run CD Duplication

Typically the cut off is around 500 – 500 and up are manufactured usually. Now, when someone needs 499 – well, I would not like to be in their shoes – just kidding.

Its an arbitrary cut off. There are many factors that contribute.

How Small is a Short Run CD Duplication

Sometimes the question is how few a duplication service will do as a short run. Often times you will find a minimum quantity is required.


Well, there’s a certain amount of labor – imagine there’s the time spent checking the artwork and setting it up to print on the disc. There’s the time printing and then moving over to duplicate. And all that time is the same whether its 1 disc or 100 discs. The quality demands of a professional duplication service will require that the same care be extended to a single disc duplication as well as a 100 or 200 or more.

Here at CDMaker we have a no minimum on short run duplication at least for the time being. We figure that if we can help you this time, either you’ll be back or tell all your friends what a great place CDMaker is to have projects duplicated.

Does a short run CD duplication project require different things?

Surprisingly no. A short run CD duplication project needs the same things as a large replication project in terms of what you the publisher provide. A physical master is optimal and press ready artwork files for the insert or paper printing as well as the graphic files for the disc face. Everything still needs to be the same – the song order should be in the order desired, the artwork files should require nothing more than say adding the barcode and the disc face artwork places in a template.

How long does it take to complete on a short run CD duplication project?

Since each disc is printed and duplicated individually it depends on the amount of capacity. But typically professional duplication services will be able to turn bulk discs in a few days. Heck, in some circumstances we’re done them in less than 24 hours – but that’s another story!!

If you need paper printing for a jewel case, or cardboard printing you’ll need to allow a few days for your artwork to go through the printing and bindery process. The printing process for a short run duplication project will probably mean your job and one other is printed at the same time and then taken over to bindery where the large pages are cut or trimmed down to the desired size where its a 2-panel or a 4-panel insert. The traycards for short run CD projects are perforated since these are hand assembled.

Then once all the pieces are completed – someone gets to put these together by hand typically and then shrinkwrapped.

The entire process could take 5 -7 business days for a complete package – duplication and paper printing, bindery and assembly.

Why would a short run cd duplication ever be more desired than replication?

Quantity is a big factor in the favor of short run cd projects and depending on the choice of packaging, the time factor could be reduced. For instance, a 2-panel in a slimline jewel case where there is no traycard can be produced much more quickly because of the reduction in printing time (there is no traycard) and reduction in bindery and assembly (straight cuts only and no traycard to insert.)

If you have more questions or would like to speak with a real live person during our business hours. . .

You can reach us via the contact page – the Chat Box at the bottom right of this page – by phone at the big number at the top or by mail

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