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DVD Replication


To get a quick overview of the replication process click here replication

For a successful DVD replication process –  you must have

Workable Master

If you have more content that would require a larger format than a CD, the DVD format give you this extra space. If you’re actually making a video DVD like what is available at Blockbusters, you will need to provide an authored DVDr master prepared for manufacturing. Replication is what you do ATFER you have authored your material to behave as you expect on a DVD.

Every master will go through a diagnostic process where the physical characteristics of the disc and its sectors are verified. Burning a disc TOO fast will most likely result in so many errors on your master that it would not pass. However, it is best to use the diagnostic process with a master that has been burned slowly rather than as a possible safety net because you didn’t want to take the extra time to burn your master.

Workable Artwork for the Disc and any printed materials

This means you want to have a photoshop, illustrator, or InDesign file with your artwork set up (without a center hole) so that we can place it in a template and proof it with you. We will have a detailed document shortly for your review. In the meantime – use the contact page for any questions. We have lots of experience and rather than reinvent the wheel – measuring a disc for instance, we recommend that you use our templates.