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What is Replication?

Replication is another way of saying manufacturing or pressing. This is NOT the same as taking a blank and burning the data onto the disc.

Is Replication the same thing as a Glass Master?

Replication involves using a glass master. So there is an amount of diagnostic processes that go into every project to ensure that glass masters are going to produce discs that work in the same manner as the provided masters. This is what is meant by a “workable” master, meaning a master that allows for a successful glass master. All masters must go through a three-stage diagnostic process each increasingly thorough and all masters must pass diagnostics before a glass master will be made. If you are providing a red book audio master, your master most likely is workable and ready to pass easily through the diagnostic phase.

A standard glass master requires approx 6 – 8 hours to produce from start to finish. Then it also is tested against the source master to ensure that stampers from that glass master will match the master in every way. If you provide a DDP formatted master the process is basically the same. Although you should always mark your master.

Glass master for disc Replication

A glass master of a CDR master is prepared.

And the once the glass master is made, then stampers are created to press out the discs on state of the art manufacturing and molding machines.

glass master stamper image







And then finally once pressed and verified, the discs are printed or rather silk-screen printed directly on top of the disc

.direct to disc silks-screen printing

This is why you can not get manufactured discs in a day or two.

There are many steps and processes that must be complete and verified before the first disc can be pressed. Additionally  you’re stepping into a production schedule where many titles are already in front of you by the time you have decided you’re ready to go.

How long does replication of a project take?

The manufacturing process typically takes 10 business days. Bear in mind that if you’re printing your packaging that you will need to add a few more day to allow for the completion of the printing and time to assemble. We will work with you to minimize any hold ups in the process and once a project is ready to get started – its started. Since you want your discs to look as good as they can and sound or function as perfectly as they can, you don’t want a manufacturer skipping steps to make up for a truncated production schedule.

The general process of making an audio CD, enhanced CD, CD-Plus, CD-V, or a CD-ROM disc are identical. The masters provided in their respective formats ensures what’s on the resulting replicated discs.

The replication process of a DVD is similar in general ways but a DVD is actually two discs adhered together – nothing that you have to know other than you provide your content on a disc or a DLT and we can take over from there.

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