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Printing Directly on CDs

Are you needing more information on printing directly on CDs?

If you think that your only option is a paper label – think again.

When a disc is manufactured one of the aspects of that manufacturing is also what is printed onto the disc. Also, adding the print directly onto the disc means that confusing one title for another is diminished. Of course, ISO standards for handling different services is clear about the seriousness of this, it is something that we get asked about. Often the question is can I save money if I don’t print my discs.

There are three ways of getting artwork onto a disc face – using pantone colors and silk-screening, using process CMYK colors and silk-screening and using process CMYK color and offset printing directly onto the disc. These days most projects released on an independent basis are using full color offset on disc printing.

Aren’t Labels How Printing Directly on CDS works?

Now when it comes to duplication, labels are definitely a thing of the past. Professional duplication facilities will use ink jet, monochrome thermal or full color thermal direct to disc printing. Yes, you can still find labels in the stores because there will always be a demand for low-end home production but labels are not recommended because they can cause the disc to spin off balance in a player.

If you are duplicating – then most likely you’re looking at ink jet, one color thermal, or full color thermal. If you’re having your discs manufactured then you’re definitely working with silk-screening either with spot PMS colors or full color CMYK.

Mainly there are different methods to putting artwork on discs depending on what at that particular quantity requires the least amount of handling. If you are ever told that for a regular full size CD that you’re going to get labels – go somewhere else. Typically they don’t look professional and if applied incorrectly they can cause the disc to spin unevenly which will negatively effect playback – which can make YOU look unprofessional.

If you have any questions concerning what would be a good option for your project – use our contact page and let us know what your specific question is and we’ll be happy to review your situation.



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