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Pricing for discs is based on several variables which are determined by YOU.

1. How many discs? –  this will determine whether duplication or replication is the best option or not – see reference above if you are still not sure which one is the best option for your needs.

Sometimes clients get stuck on “but which is better?” An easier question is which is better for MY needs? If you have a limited budget or you don’t see yourself ever needing 300 copies – your best option would be duplication. You may pay more per unit but overall you will be investing less. Can we replicate at 100 pieces? Yes. But it will cost as much to replicate 100 as it will 300 pieces – you’ll save on the paper printing of course but any savings will be wiped out by the labor and materials in the set up. It takes the same amount of labor and materials to prepare to press 100 as it does to prepare to press 1000. Economics 101 folks.

2. How are they packaged? – remember, while you have an idea in your head, we actually print and package in practically every type of packaging available. So speak it out or write it out in your email. Is it paper sleeves? plastic cases? printed cardboard with a pocket? printed cardboard with a plastic tray? a blockbuster-style DVD case?

Some examples of common packaging are

  • jewel (plastic) cases
  • cardboard sleeve
  • cardboard wallets
  • digipaks
  • DVD cases
  • Plastic albums or
  • any custom packaging you can think of.

3. Will you be providing the artwork within press-ready digital files? – whether any of us like this or not, artwork creation and the number of artist decisions is an involved process. Once all the artistic decisions have been reviewed and agonized over, someone has to then take your digital images and all your text and “marry them” together so that they are ready without any further work to go to the press.

CDmaker will provide free templates that are set up for our presses. We don’t post them all over our site for one GOOD reason – many of our first time clients accidentally download A TEMPLATE but end up really wanting something else and then we get blamed because we don’t know this has happened until the project is turned in and a cd release party is planned. Yikes. In a perfect world this wouldn’t be such a problem but after 50,000 + projects it starts to not feel good on this end. Besides, when you call or email we get to know you and be able to anticipate your needs. That’s a good thing.

4. What is your timeframe? – duplication from approval of printed proofs allow approximately 5 – 6 business days or less. Replication requires a minimum of 8 – 10 days WITHOUT any paper printing and if you have a cardboard piece you need to allow 12 – 15 business days.

At any time – you can call us 800-678-1998