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Order Checklist

When you’re ready to place an order – here’s a quick list of what you need to provide –

1. Source master(s) (only use CD-R or DVD+R – do not use the rewriteable

2. Source artwork files for any paper printing & a PDF of the artwork so we can compare  *

3. Source artwork files for disc printing & a PDF of the artwork so we can compare   *

4. Order form paperwork

5. Signed IPR form – one per master if you’re sending more than one

6. Deposit of 75% – Mastercard or Visa accepted


* Accepted File Formats


REMEMBER – if you expect a barcode to be placed into your artwork files – you MUST leave a white box in your artwork file where you want it – dimensions of the box are 1.5″ wide and .75 tall. As an added precaution, as per the printed release document says – do NOT approve your artwork PDF without a barcode present if you intend one to be on the final printed piece.

Approving a PDF without one, even if you were assigned one, means you will NOT have a barcode on your final product and you are responsible for the costs to either reprint the piece that was to contain the barcode or to have labels made for you.

Barcodes are provided as a courtesy. Imagine how frustrating it is to provide something free of charge, provide all the information to ensure its in the artwork only to have a client approve without one being present even though the press release and then be upset because they received exactly what they approved.

Please read and follow all instructions and recommendations. Take advantage of our knowledge AND experience. This is a partnership in efforts to ensure you have exactly what you want.

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