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Music Duplication for CDs

So why is music duplication so different from just making a copy on a computer?

First music has a specific playback device – the CD music player – that is in a car or a home stereo. A music file format is not just an mp3 file. The original music file is called a .WAV format. Like a graphic jpeg is a file will just enough information recreate the original high resolution image, so an mp3 is an audio format with less detailed information. While there are a growing number of CD players that offer mp3 playback – a professional recording will be authored for an audio playback device that requires more information or data in order to all the audio details to be heard by the naked ear. The music cd duplication is ideally a way to recreate the highest audio fidelity from the original source master.

Authoring a CD for Music duplication

There is so much that is now done on a home computer its hard to imagine that there might be more and yet a professionally produced audio CD requires care so that the full sound – what was captured in the studio, all that is good, can be heard while minimizing what may detract from the optimal sound.

There is a subsection of production call “mastering” or “audio authoring”. This is where after editing and mixing down there is a process which typically is even a separate studio that specializes in enhancing the desired sound traits and minimize or eliminate the negatives. For instance, there may be some moments of silence or what might be called “pure black” but when run through an analyzer  its clear that its not pure silence – mastering essentially whites out the background noise and creates a pure silence. Often these details can be heard only when pointed out but you know there’s a difference you just don’t know what the difference is.

Mastering engineers will tell you master the track for the playback device. If you know you’re going to release a track on itunes – in addition to mastering the track to go through music duplication, have an mp3 mastered for mp3 playback.

Music duplication vs replication

When it comes to which one is better – it really boils down to how many units you need – duplication of 100 units is a much more financially sound decision but you are talking about CDRs and some (not many to be sure) CD players treat a duplicated CD differently than a replicated CD.

That’s why CDMaker takes special notice of music CDs and provide a music duplication service that stands head and shoulders above even Fortune 500 companies offering the “same”. We will tell you the brand of blank CDs and DVDs we use, we will tell you what speed we duplicate and that each individual duplicated CD is double checked before its off the duplicator if its going to work or not.

Give us a call and let us show you what we can do to make you sound as good as you did in the studio.

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