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Coolest thing happened this morning – we were in the middle of a production meeting when we had a walk-in client show up. We didn’t know her, she had never called our office, she was just driving around and thought “oh, I need to get some copies of a DVD done. Let me check my phone.” To make a short story even shorter, she googled – we came up, our mobile site showed and she touched the screen for directions and without any other help she drove to our office

Nest, clean, tidy and she is getting something done that she needed to do. Checking one item off her to-do list.

Because I was there, I asked her what did she see on her screen? And she showed me. I asked her was being so easy to see on the phone and having map location option help make up her mind. Can you guess what she said?

So right there I have a solid data point that having a mobile website closed a sale without requiring a phone call or any time of my staff until the point of placing an order. Client acquistion on easy.

Plus its pretty cool she got exactly what she needed with only the gas she used to detour a couple of blocks.

I love our mobile site – you can take a look at it – its simple and easy – not a huge graphic design project  – its all about using the functionality of the mobile device or phone with the needs of the user which in this case was the question “where are they?”

For a reasonable price for a mobile website – I recommend that you head over to here to get an inexpensive powerful business mobile site working for you today like mine did for me.

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