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Making an Audio CD

Making an audio CD is often more easily conceived than executed. In short, it can be easier said than done.

Making an Audio CDSo let’s focus on making an audio CD if you are a speaker or author that wishes to take an mp3 recording and publish it to a CD.

Making an Audio CD

First if you already have the audio that’s a good thing. Otherwise, you would need to come up with some way to record whatever your content is. But for now if you have an mp3 file, you’re good.

Next, determine how you want your customers to play your disc. Do you want them to play it in their cars? on a cd player? on their computer? on their ipod player?

These may sound like obvious questions but you need to know this because it has an impact on your master format. If you want the CDS you publish to play on a CD player you need to provide a master than already is set up to do that. If you simply copy over the mp3 to a blank disc like you would a PDF file, then you do NOT have an audio disc you have a CD-ROM. It will play in a computer and on some CD players that read mp3 but they will not play like an audio disc in a standard CD player.

Making an Audio CD

All is not lost and you have the answer probably on your computer. Its as simple as opening up iTunes, importing your mp3 into its own playlist and then telling iTunes to burn your disc for a music CD.

Now this is a poor man’s way to make an audio master and if it weren’t spoken word, I’d tell you to go to a studio and get it prepared as a master.

Feel free to put your comments at the bottom and if you have any general questions I can answer them here. If you need additional information, use the contact page and give us your details and we’d be happy to see how we can help you specifically.

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