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Just Ask and You’ll Get a Mobile Fan Collector For Your Band

By Carolyn Holzman

Ever wonder how all this mobile stuff applies to you as a musician or band? Its all well and good but you’re not really a techie and more importantly you don’t want to be one. How can you make it happen?

That’s where we’re hoping to make a difference for you, right here, right now, today if you take action.

Ever seen one of these? What you need to use them is a smart phone with a QR Code (that’s Quick Response Code) Reader.

Do you think ANY of your fans have Smart Phones?

But what’s even more important than being able to just make a code is to have it go to something that FITS on the tiny screen of a smart phone.

What has been so crazy is that people are saying QR codes don’t work – but a huge majority of early adaptors had these things going to REGULAR websites.

You know what I mean – they link to sites that either shrink down to a tiny size so it all fits and good luck ready it.


The stay the same size and you’re scrolling your fingers off trying to find a phone number.

Are you with me?

Now, take your smart phone – open your QR reader (and if you don’t have one – they are free in the app or play stores) and snap this first one.

See how the video fits into the screen and there’s even a link to the facebook page.


   Just image how this could work for your situation.

Don’t about HOW just imagine this video was one of YOURS?

What if the link went to YOUR Facebook Page?

Could you use more fan engagement? Did you know that every fan on your Facebook Page can be invited to your show when you set up an EVENT?

What if you had one of your own like this?



Well, you can have one and you can have it for absolutely NO out of pocket expenses.


Then you don’t have to worry about HOW you just have to put it somewhere.


If you are on your phone looking at the screen – see at the bottom Get One of These for You At No Charge?

CDmaker means it. Zero, zip , nadda. You couldn’t pay us to do this for you.

If you click on that link with your finger – this is where it will take you and all you have to do is include your name and email.

When you do that we’ll send you an email with exactly the TWO things you need to send us and then we’ll email back a QR code.  We’ll even send you the email even if its 2 AM!

And if you feel like you’re not as slick on the technology you can go here but the page is really set up for mobile – but you can type in no problem.

How’s that for service?

Then when you have it you can add it to your show posters or postcards or even your own Facebook status where you can encourage people to use their smart phones to use it. Ask your friends to share it.

We’ve sent one for a heavy metal band in Oklahoma, a music presenter and of course, one for ourselves.

Hope you will like us enough to LIKE us on Facebook.

Please feel free to tell us what you think below in the comments, we’re here so that you can be a success.

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