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  • Complete Disc Manufacturing Service
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  • We Make Happy People every day
CD & DVD Manufacturing Service
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How to Place an Order

Here’s what you need to provide us with in order to place an order for CDs or DVDs at CDMaker.

5 things we need

physical master (no rewriteable media (RW) you want only a CD-R or DVD-R as master)   DO NOT USE MEMOREX  BLANKS – we’ll give you one of our brand for free if you need one – just swing by if you’re local or we’ll mail you one if you’re not – its that important)

artwork files on disc or via – please do NOT email – if they are the right files they will be large and our email gets clogged with gargantuan files and everyone’s projects get bogged down.

(if a barcode is requested, please leave a white box of approx 1.5″ wide and .75″ tall within your artwork files)

deposit of 75% or 100% if you’re ordering with online pricing

order form – we send you one electronically and all you have to do is hit REPLY and before hitting send – type in your name and date. Then you can hit send

IPR form – this must have original signature and its easy – just print it out, fill it out and scan, fax or bring it in with you when you send the physical master

Sales Tax Resale certificate – Texas Residents only – we have these blank resale forms – you just fill in your sales tax resale number from the State of Texas and that’s all we need.

Here’s a video showing the way to manually fill out our old forms. The reason we’re leaving it here for now is that the questions it asks are pretty much the same AND we practically fill out the form for you with our electronic order processing. Its quite easy and you’re not left to figure things out for yourself like when we just posted the forms to be downloaded.

But its a good its to at least watch it to get a feel for the questions.

Most facilities seem to require that you know a lot more about this process than you probably do. You don’t have to be strong in front of us – its OK to say you don’t know. Our goal is to make sure that we give you the BEST opportunity to get EXACTLY what you’re wanting when you open up that first box of discs. Its exciting and we want it to feel like its your birthday.