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You have my credit card number – why do you need an order form as well?

Its really for your protection so that you receive what you are ordering. By filling out the information in the beginning, we know what you want done, how you want things packaged, how many you want and what we are to do with them when they are completed. While we are happy to move some projects forward in tiny steps, active production will not begin until we have an order form at CDMaker.

Why do you need a sales tax resale certificate?

If you are a Texas resident or the CDS are shipping to a Texas location, a sales tax resale certificate allows us to not add Texas sales to your invoice. We are happy to begin projects without a resale certificate in place. It is the client’s responsibility to complete on the request.If you do not have one on file with us, or you are asked to complete a fresh one, its up to you to turn one in before the end of the project. If you do not, expect to see Texas Sales tax of 8.25% added to your invoice. When a job is complete, any client requests to refund or remove sales tax  from the final invoice or balance will be honored with a $25 admin fee – no exceptions if email requests for resale certificate were sent out from this office.

Why do I need to give you an IPR form or Replication Rights form, you have my credit card and master?

BEFORE we can begin active duplication or replication of any new master, you must provide a completed IPR form or Replication Rights form. Depending on your content you need to answer certain fields. If you wrote all the music on your CD, you didn’t need to secure permissions. If even just one song was written by someone else, you need to indicate that AND indicate that you are seeking permission or have permission.

Please note NO PRODUCTION of you CDS or DVDs will begin if we do not have this document in our hands.