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Master Questions

Whether you’re doing duplication or replication, you need to provide a physical master.

AUDIO Masters

If you’re needing CDs that play in audio players (as opposed to specific mp3 players or hybrid players) than you want to provide what is called a “red book audio”. For duplication this is the only option you should prepare.

If you’re replicating and your studio can provide one, you could also provide a DDP master. You wouldn’t be able to put this type of master into an audio player to test it before presenting it for replication. But primarily our clients provide a one-off physical master with all the PQ codes already included.

If you’re adding CD Text make sure its on the disc already before you send it out for duplication or replications. Adding CD Text is NOT part of manufacturing.

There is a lot of different software to use to author an audio CD. Best to check with your audio engineer. If you’re making your own – ensure its a disc at once burn and burn slow.

Then play it in a CD player all the way through listening to ensure it is as you expect. Knowing what should be on the disc is not enough.

Listening to your disc is NOT a part of manufacturing. We do run it through diagnostics to check the structure of the disc to see if its within specifications for a Redbook Audio CD, that is like checking that all data is either a “1” or a “0”. It does not require playback.

Then we burn a glass master directly from your CD master and make stampers from that.

If its encoded within  your master – things like the space between tracks, or the levels or the song order, then its going to be in your final replicated copies.

CD-ROM Masters

Creating a CD-ROM is really quite easy. This is the only one of the disc formats where the process of creating a production master is exactly what you do at home when you copy files to a disc. The exact same truth holds, what’s on your disc will be on the discs we make for you.

We check the disc through diagnostics as well.

If you have broken links in your documents or you’ve copied the wrong file onto the master, that’s something that manufacturing would never catch nor be responsible for.

The good news is – if you do your master correctly, you will be pleased with your copies.

DVD Masters

You will need to author your DVD materials into a workable DVD prior to duplication or replication. Authoring a DVD requires specific software and you would want to test out your links prior to duplication or replication.

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