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Barcode Questions

Do you provide our project with a barcode?

We can provide a barcode for your project upon request. Please ensure you’ve noted it on your order form. If for some reason you didn’t please don’t approve your artwork without seeing one in your PDF.

Is there are cost to providing us with a barcode?

There is no cost, however, if for some reason beyond our control we need to switch a barcode we provided – we choose how to replace it – in other words , if you are using one of our barcodes and in a rare situation we need to swop it out- we will change it on the reprint.

What is a barcode?

A barcode is an indentifier. It allows for stores to run it over the scanner and pull up the data that they have on your title which of course includes the price.

Why would we want one?

Most retail stores require it.

Is the pricing encoded into the numbers?

No. When you put your CD into a specific store or distribution network, a real human must enter the information like title, label, price etc so that when a scanner in THEIR system reads that number – their system pulls up whatever price they are retailing it to the public.

Is a barcode like an ISRC number?

Only in that it uses numbers. An ISRC number  for an audio cd is embedded into your master by your engineer essentially for the same purpose as putting out an alarm sign tells potential burglers that they will have to contend with a house alarm if they insist on breaking in.

As long as I tell you I want a barcode then its on your people to make sure it has one, right?

We provide a unique barcode as a courtesy to help you but ensuring one is placed in your artwork is a two way street. Sometimes we’re in a position where we’ve given out a barcode WEEKS before we receive artwork files. To help combat leaving the barcode out of the artwork we ask two things – 1) that the artwork files contain a white box of approx 1.5″ wide and .75″ tall

This box communicates to the pre-press department that they need to get that pre-assigned barcode number from production and place it in the proof.


2) we reference the barcode (or lack of it) in the printing release that must be turned in before production can begin. Do not approve proofs without barcodes if you expect them to be in the final piece. We’re all human. But we can all read and double check each other and that’s what is expected if we’re providing you with a complete barcode solution without charging you one single dime for it. Is that too much to ask? We don’t think so especially when we spell it out clearly in the printing release.


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