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File Format Specifications

So what files do you need to send in order for them to be received within specifications at CDMaker?

  • Native files
  • All Fonts – even if you think we will have them
  • All linked images

How are these files to be set up?

  • Use our templates
  • Set up 300 dpi
  • 1/8″ bleed around trim areas for paper printing (edge of paper)
  • Greyscale or CMYK for paper printing
  • Pantone, Greyscale, or CMYK for disc face

Accepted File formats – don’t worry most formats work – just ask

  • Illustrator up to CS4 (if you’re in CS5 use “save as” feature to save in CS4)
  • Photoshop up to CS4 (if you’re in CS5 use “save as” feature to save in CS4)
  • InDesign up to CS5
  • Press-ready PDFs if we have to
  • Tiffs if we have to
  • EPS if we have to

When it come to the differences between CS4 and CS5 only  Indesign changed there were no updates between Photoshop or Illustrator between CS4 and CS5 so we only upgraded what needed to be upgraded.

If you are having to backsave – please make a note of it with the order and always send a proof (even a PDF or screenshot if that’s all you have) so we have something to compare it to. Sometimes photoshop will move things around without a warning so a proof and your notes will alert us and keep things as they should. We would never intentionally move 9not even slightly) an artwork element – we have the highest respect for another designer’s graphic work. With a proof and someone giving a clue – we can at least have a shot at proofing back to you what you actually intend.

Rich Black

If your project uses “rich black” please understand your maximum ink coverage will only allow for rich back to be made up of C- 30%  M – 30% Y – 30% K – 100%

 Using Photoshop for Booklets

We love photoshop and its great to work and manipulate images. Because it will work with text, its very tempting to use photoshop in the way that Indesign or Illustrator are meant to be used. It can be done but Photoshop does not support artboards and a program that supports artboards is what you would need in order to present your artwork files as “within specifications” which means within CDMaker templates.

Choosing to use Photoshop to prepare an 8-page booklet means that we will need to set up your photoshop files into a program that supports artboards. And that takes time – approx 30 minutes. We will always check your artwork files when they arrive but doing a file review and preparing your files to fit within our templates are two separate activities.

So, if you or your designer chooses to provide photoshop files for a booklet – (8-page, 12-page, 16 page etc) then expect 30 minutes of production to apply to your estimate. Please ask your CDMaker representative for any details on this. Any time we touch your files like this – we’re going to send you a PDF proof with the pages in the order necessary for printing.

Any questions on file formats should be directed to CDMaker.

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