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DVD Copy Service

A good DVD copy service in Austin is going to ask you for a few things – use this checklist so that you will be a smart and informed consumer.

Do you own 100% of the content on the disc?

OK, this should be the first question any reputable DVD copy service in Austin asks you. Its because to duplicate content that you don’t have permission to use violates US copyright laws – even if you don’t sell it, even if you give it away, even if you are a non-profit. Don’t do it. And we certainly can’t do it. If you use music in the background of a slide show – that music as a sound recording belongs to someone. And purchasing a music CD doesn’t give you permission to use it in a slideshow. Just remember, just because you’re not asked this question, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.

How many copies?

First, as a smart consumer, you know how many copies you will need. The easiest way to determine this is to state how many copies from a single master are needed.

Its easy to confuse the issue and say that you need 20 copies. But imagine, if you have 5 masters that’s 4 copies from each single master. Why is that important to tell a copy service?

There is time involved in set up and each master typically will have an amount of time required to make a disc image that will be used in duplication and then the time to verify that disc image against the master. So you will see that doing that once for a single master will take far less time than doing the same thing 5 times. Thus the price for doing 20 of the same master is different from the price of doing 4 copies each of 5 masters. See what I mean about it being easy to get confused?

What kind of DVD?

DVDs come in different sizes even though they all look alike – usually people need DVD5 duplication. But if you need a DVD9 which is a different format, you need to tell your representative. Not only are the blanks different – there is even less capacity so it can affect not only your price but your turntime.

Disc Face Artwork – on  Labels No Way!

If you’re producing your DVDs you might be forgiven to think that a professional dvd copy service in Austin might also have to use labels. No way! We want you to look even better than “a pocket on a shirt.” (that’s Linda’s favorite saying, she’s so cute) We provide a full color thermal directly to the disc. That’s why we mostly use white DVD blanks that print all the way to the center hole – they look amazing. They will scream “professional” and all that cool juice will be flowing to you! Your clients will think YOU are as professional as that disc looks!

But you will need to provide the disc artwork – and its always better to provide it at the very least as a 5 x 5 square – and remember there is a hole in the middle so don’t put your company name or title or anything you want to print on your disc in the center. You can have the background print through the center when you provide it to us – we’ll place it in our template and the hole will automatically be added. This is always much easier than you figuring out where that hole goes and making sure its completely and utterly round so that it fits.

DVD Packaging

You may be imagining in your mindseye what you expect this to be when its all done. But if you don’t ask for specific packaging, its not going to get packaged as you envisioned it.

You can go from bulk discs (no packaging) on up to a custom cardboard wallet when it comes to DVDs. Depending on what you’re using the DVDs for you have many options, some of them very inexpensive. So if you’re not asked, mention what you’re using them for and see if your representative has some ideas for you. They don’t all have to look like DVDs from Blockbuster – but they easily could.


Depending on your timeline – if you have less time, you have less custom options you have for packaging. DVD Packaging options that don’t require custom printing would be things like paper sleeve with windows, c-shells or clamshells, slimline jewel cases without a front insert etc.

Anything that is printed with your information (other than the disc face) is going to need the minimum of a couple of days. And if you opt for a custom cardboard wallet or digipak, you’re going to need to allow even more time for your artwork to be printed, die cut, scored, and hand folded down to be ready for assembly and wrap.

A Dvd service in austin with cd duplication is going to have the best options for you. Also, like the eye surgeon, if you need it you want to go with the one that does it all the time and not out of the back of his car. Same holds with a DVD copy service, you want one where you’ll get help and guidance as well as quality with a fair price.


If you’ve been struggling with doing these on your own and spending all day to get 8 completed only to ruin them when you paste on paper labels, when you go to outsource to a dvd copy service you should also expect to pay more than what you paid for supplies. Its simple business economics. You’re not just buying 100 DVDs, you’re buying the previous experience so your DVDs are done correctly as well as the expectation that that while you need what you need now, that same copy service will be there for you in a month, in a year, in 2 years.

Give us a call at 512-388-1998 when it comes to needing a reliable and professional DVD copy service in Austin.

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