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What is CD Duplication Exactly?

CD Duplication

CD Duplication is where a pre-existing CD blank disc is used and the data from your CDR master is burned onto the blank disc. This is a process everyone is mostly aware of and thinks is the only way to make CD copies. Its highly likely that you have already been doing some form of CD duplication. So while what CDMaker does to provide cd duplication is very similar to what you do at home, what we do that is different on a couple of fronts. The quality of the blanks, the quality of the disc drives that actually transfer the data and the direct to disc printing at CDMaker is going to be much higher than buying discs at Office Depot, copying on your computer and putting printed labels on top.

So what do I have to do start a CD duplication process?

In order to duplicate, your CD master must be on a single disc and the songs in the desired order. The duplication process is not designed to reorder songs or make changes to the WAV files. If you’re needing this its more appropriate to call it audio editing or mastering and have your engineer do this as part of the scope of their work. So when you send your master for duplication, ensure it is formatted as desired. In other words, if you send a master of mp3s, don’t be surprised that you receive copies that are also mp3s. If you want it to play in an audio CD player – format it to do so or ask your representative to get you a price for conversion.

Is there a minimum number of discs that is best for Duplication?

CD duplication is a terrific process when your need is less than 500 discs. Also, if you think there might be changes you want to make in the near future, CD duplication gives you a lot more flexibility.

Is there a downside to CD Duplication?

The downside to cd duplication is that the cost per unit is higher than when you manufacture. But since your total dollar amount overall is less when you duplicate, you’ve tied up less of your cash into your product which is always a good thing in business.

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