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Duplication is where a pre-existing blank disc is used and the data from your master is burned onto the blank disc. While this is very similar to what you do at home, what CDMaker does to achieve professional results  is different on a couple of fronts.

What types of duplication are there?

There are two types of  duplication – cd duplication and dvd duplication. In order to begin, your source master must be on the same media as what you expect to have copies. For instance, if you want CDs that play in audio CD players – you need to provide your master on a CD blank and formatted to play in a player. Turning in a master on a spare DVD of your mp3s isn’t going to play in a CD player.

There are three main factors on the quality of the duplication.


CDMaker uses the best duplication professional grade blanks in the business – Taiyo Yuden which has recently been acquired by JVC. These discs have a very liberal amount of dye on the underside that makes them exceptionally receptive to duplication. These are not the same as what you purchase in the store which are a much lower grade product and not suitable at all for professional use.


Our duplication equipment runs on professional grade Plextor drives which have a great reputation in the field of audio mastering. Many mastering facilities only use these drives.


Our belief is that even a duplicated disc should sound as good as it can. So we burn SLOW-X. That means that unlike a lot of duplication services – while we know you want your CDs and DVDs right away, we know you also want them right. So our audio CDs are burned at a maximum speed of 16X. Yes, it takes longer. If you don’t like the sound of a duplicated CD – chances are it was burned 32X or faster thus rendering all your money spend on recording and mastering absolutely wasted. We know you want them and we know you want them to represent your sound as well as they possibly could.

What’s special about CD Duplication?

CD duplication means usually the content is music or computer files whether those are text files or some other content like single video or a photo. The playback devise is a critical decision. Just because a master has music tracks on it – doesn’t mean it’s formatted to play on a cd player. So the software used to create the master which is simply the gathering of all the material and writing the material to the disc with whatever else it needs to be able to playback on a devise.

Music unlike data is greatly affected by how much dye is on the blank disc, the clarity of the drive to write to the disc and how fast the drive is asked to do that. So like mentioned earlier – for music slower is better.

For data – you can duplicate at a higher speed but the importance of the blank and the copying devise are still a very influential aspects.

Is DVD Duplication require anything special?

DVD duplication is exactly the same process as CD duplication but here more often than not, the distinction between DVD as a format and a DVD as a storage device is blurred. Again just copying a video to DVD blank does not mean you have created a DVD that will play in a DVD player.

Authoring the content – or gathering up the source material and adding in the “container” information so it can be recognized by a DVD player for playback is also called authoring. And interestingly there are two sizes of blank DVDs – what we call a DVD 5 and a DVD9 – the only difference is the amount of data each holds.

  • DVD-5    4.70GB Single sided, Single layer
  • DVD-9    8.54GB Single sided, Dual layer

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