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CDMaker Issues Catalog

cdmaker catalog cover imageIt is with with pleasure that CDMaker announces the publication of its CD and DVD catalog. By signing up below you can receive your copy. We’ll be updating it from time to time as we add different packages.

What’s in our catalog?

We put together some of the more popular packages for single disc titles. There’s some general pricing guidelines so you can see what you might see the different relationships between how many you order and how they are packaged.

Some quick questions we’ve been asked about the information in the catalog –

What’s the difference between duplication and replication?

Duplication is usually recommend when the number of copies from the same master is below 300. Replication is actually manufacturing just like a major record label or film studio when they release a new title.

Then of course, we get asked which is better – duplication or replication?

Replication is the most “reliable” since it takes a fair amount of physical abuse to damage a replicated disc. But its always a balance between how many you are needing. We would never recommend duplication if you needed more than 300 pieces – it wouldn’t make economic sense. BUT you might need something in a few days – and replication takes more production time than duplication.

Click on the word “replication” to learn more about replication.

What if what I need isn’t in the catalog?

That’s one of the reasons why we debated putting one together. No matter how many things we put in there’s always going to be options that we didn’t think someone would want to do – so the perfectionist approach is not to try.

Well, we’re taking the chance that if someone decides to ONLY use the catalog and not talk with us right away that we would have enough clused in the catalog to make sure that it was possible for someone to see that we’re hoping to work with you and to ask if you are thinking something that is out of the ordinary.

Will you provide templates?

Of course, we will – we have found that with the same thing being called two or more different terms, that we can help you to identify WHICH template you need –  we’ve been asked to quote on a 4-panel jewel case insert only to find that what they really needed was an 8-panel front insert (4 panels on each side). Its easy for there to be near misses on terminology. We’re really good at explaining and we would LOVE to talk with you on the phone.

If you are a graphic designer or someone who release multiple titles per year, we’ve published the templates on discs. Let one of us know and we’ll mail it out to you,


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