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CD Replication at 500 Quantity

We did it! We know that for a long time its been desirable for us to provide replicated CDs in a quantity of 500.

CD Replication 500

CDMaker is now offering CD Replication 500 packages – up to now we’ve had to price them almost the same as doing 1000 pieces but with refined glass mastering and digital printing options in place and working great, you can save a lot more money than you used to when replicating 500 CDs.

4-panel jewel case insert full color on outer panels, black white on inside panels

Full color on disc face

500 units $799.00 plus any applicable sales or shipping (if not picking up from our office)

What do you have to provide for CD Replication in 500 quantity?

You must provide your own workable artwork files within CDMaker specifications.

You must provide a physical audio master with the songs already in the order to match your artwork.

What do you get for CD Replication in 500 quantity?

With the proper sources for artwork and master, you get 500 replicated (glass master and stamper produced) audio CDs that are packaged inside a plastic jewel case with the traycard and the front insert assembled. Each unit comes wrapped and is retail ready. You don’t have to do anything but get ready to go the gig!

And don’t forget, CDMaker projects always come with an offer of a free UPC barcode. You just leave a white box on your traycard artwork and make sure one is in the PDF proof you receive and must approve before we will take any order into production.

CD Replication 500

You’ll need to use templates for the 4-panel and traycard inserts and provide unflattened native files.

And we can do more than a 4-panel – if you need a booklet, a cardboard wallet something like an eco package, or even a digipak -we do those too. Just call 800-678-1998 or contact us here and we’ll get an estimate out to you for your particular needs.

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