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CD DVD Duplicating

This week we had a couple of new clients looking for CD DVD duplicating, call in desperation, they had been trying to duplicate over 200 discs of three different titles. They had had enough and needed someone to just do it for them. So why is cd dvd duplicating so popular?

CD DVD Duplicating

With the ability to purchase blank CDs in the local grocery store and the fact that even the least expensive computer comes standard with a CD burner, cd dvd duplicating has gained huge popularity through the years. CD DVD duplicating services are available today that inexpensive and fast. Unlike CD replication where a glass master and stampers are made, CD DVD duplication means producing number of copies of CDs or DVDs without the glass master replication being done.

CD DVD Duplicating

CDRs and DVDrs are plentiful for duplicating

The ideal situation for duplication is when you need a few and you can’t wait the time it normally takes to manufacture which is approx 10 business days.

When your need for CD DVD duplicating is very or relatively  low, it is not wise to get into full replication. Getting into full replication for a small run will overall cost far more than to duplicate a few. A full CD replication comes with a minimum quantity usually 500 +. When it comes to a small run, your requirement will cost less than the minimum quantity required for CD replication. You will pay MORE per unit for duplication but the overall total of your invoice will be less than a full replication run.

The CD duplication process when compared to what it takes to perform a complete replication process is very cheap and very easy to perform.

CD DVD Duplicating

But since you can do it on your computer, the question comes up, is it wise to do CD duplication by yourself?

Duplication on a laptop or computer is very time intensive, you can only do one at a time. This is what our new client discovered.

So what are some other ways?

CD DVD Duplicating

You can always purchase a duplicator, there are many on the market. Though they are easy to order, all of them come with very heavy price tags. So it can be a false savings to think by doing it yourself with a duplicator. But the main purpose of CD duplication is to reduce the cost involved in complete CD replication. So  buying a CD duplicator device will make the CD duplication process much costlier than doing a full Cd replication. So for a short run, rather than reinvent the wheel so to speak, it is always better to get the Cd duplication done through a professional cd duplication service.

Looking for a professional duplication company? You’ve found one here – click on the contact page or call 800-678-1998 or 512-388-1998.

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