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CD Duplication Service – What You Need to Know & Ask

A CD production service is typically a company that provides copies of either a CD or DVD, printing and packaging. When you have a project you need typically everything you need to have to achieve a complete package should be available. In other words, it is not necessary to work with a separate printer and discservice and then someone else to assemble and wrap. All services can be received by dealing with a single provider. Makes life easier, yes?

The following is a series of areas that you can expect from any cd maker or disc making company. You can expect this from CDMaker because we’ve found over the years that by being consistent we can provide the kind of product that allows us to be here when our clients need us in a year or two.

What to Expect from a The Service before placing your order

If they are a reputable provider, there will be questions on the front end concerning the content on your master. Why?

On any master at the very least would be either an audio file, software, documents, video, etc and someone somewhere is the proud owner of this intellectual property. It should be you and some things have dual ownership. For instance, the song “Rolling in the Deep” By Adele, she wrote it and is the writer but the sound recording that came out of the studio and that is played on the radio and downloaded from iTunes most likely belongs to the record label that paid for the studio time, editing and mastering. It is even possible that a major performer would be performing a song written by someone else (who would own the writer portion) another company that is considered the publisher would have the publishers portion and the record label has the ownership of the sound recording. The artist has no intellectual property ownership. Crazy huh?

Likewise, if you have a video and a song is playing in the background, someone owns that sound recording and if you didn’t record it yourself, it belongs to someone else. You may have the rights to use it, but even then you do not own it. Any legal questions concerning copyright need to be addressed to an attorney – do not expect any professional copying service to provide you with legal advice.

So a reputable disc service is going to ask you about content. Typically there is a form called the IPR (intellectual property rights) or IRMA (International Recorded Media Association). There’s more about this later on.

cd duplication service


Expect that You will be asked such questions as-

  • how many copies from a single master you desire
  • what type of packaging – paper sleeve, jewel case, digipak, or other cardboard item
  • the state of the artwork for the disc face and any custom printed piece
  • when will you need finished product
  • when will you have all the required components


What is Required?

You should be be prepared to provide:

  • physical master(s) exactly as you wish the copies to be
  • native unflattened artwork files
  • paperwork
  • deposit

Of course each service may have slightly different submission requirements and in general you need to be prepared to provide for what they ask for because there must be some reason that they ask for it.

The Turntimes

In the end you have to ask yourself, you didn’t choose your songs because they were the shortest, you didn’t choose your recording studio because they could get you in within 24 hours, why would you have invested all that money and time into your project to not allow for adequate time to get the best results?

So how much time is reasonable? You want to go with a production company that is busy because that means they are successfully providing the same service you’re buying to others like you. So if they are successful you can expect a couple of days for bulk discs and anywhere from 3 – 7 business days on a printed jewel case insert. Cardboard typically requires something like 10 business days.

Depending on whether you need bulk, unpackaged discs or a 6-panel cardboard wallet, the time to produce your complete package will be different because the time required to produce each piece successfully is different. While a service may promise 24 hour turnaround, more time will get you a better product.


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