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CDMaker Announces Releasing Music Album As App

Its here, you can now realistically consider releasing your next music album as an interactive app for iphone, ipad and android. Watch the video to see the whole presentation.

The number of apps being downloaded is 4 TIMES the number of music tracks – did you get that? For every single music track that is downloaded there are FOUR apps.

Is this a magic bullet?

No, you still have to promote your release  – the same as a CD – the purpose of this information is to provide you with an every increasing undeniable channel of distribution that has a better chance of you building your music career by building a direct channel to your fans.

We go through many options – if you don’t think this is for you – please don’t take offense, that’s OK. We know for you to succeed you must actively promote your music – if yo’re expecting this along to promote your music – well, that’s not going to work. It’s like having a website – you can put one up but without promoting it – no one will see it.

We’d love to talk with you if you think having this in your distribution network would be beneficial. Currently, we’re offering this essentially at over 80% discount from you doing it yourself assuming you could find a developer that you trust. We’vee been helping independent artists and bands make more money and produce a quality product for over 24 years. We’ve assisted THOUSANDS of artists just like you. Call or email – we’d love to see if we could help you too.


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CDMaker Announces Free Mastering for May 2013 Orders of 1000 or more

CDMaker in conjunction with Dauntless Mastering Announces Free Audio Mastering in May for orders of 1000 or more.

CD projects of 1000 or more units placed at CDMaker in the month of May 2013 will receive free audio mastering (a $700 value) of their entire project. The mastering will be performed by Dauntless Mastering by engineer, Chris Sonia.

CD Duplication, CDMaker, 13581 Pond Springs Road, Suite 301, Austin, TX 78729
“What better way to help a band than to help them free up some of their budget to be able to order more CDS?” asked Chris Sonia.

Audio mastering is a post-production activity that ensures that the sound when a track is played does not contain sound defects and sounds the best when its played on specific equipment. For instance, an mp3 file that is mastered as an audio file for mp3 playback will always sound better than a wave file mastered as a wav file for audio player backpack and then converted as an mp3 .

Special software and equipment is utilized but it also requires listening skills of the mastering engineer. Mastering engineers are usually very experienced audio engineers.  Every decision made during audio mastering will be based on the accuracy of the engineers’ hearing.

Those who place their audio cd order with CDMaker in the month of May, pay in full and place a mastering credit within their artwork will receive a full length digital audio mastering of their project. Normally a full length mastering project runs $ replication mastering coupon





Get the offer on Facebook –

“Chris and I connected via Facebook. We started talking and then he sent me samples of some of his work – before and after,” said Carolyn Holzman, owner of CDMaker. “We discussed ways of announcing this as a new service at CDMaker. Then he came up with a way to not only announce it as expanded service but to do it in a way that would actually help some lucky bands.”

Those that want to listen to some before and after tracks can find them here – as well as his website –

CDMaker has a long history of helping musicians and their causes by sponsoring cd pressing. In December 2012, CDMaker helped sponsor the 2nd annual Holiday HAMM Jan Benefit album.

For more information, interested bands or musicians should call CDMaker (512) 388-1998 or Dauntless Mastering (603) 283-8781 before the end of May to find out what to send and where to send things and begin the process.

About CDMaker
CDMaker provides full service printing and discs for short run CD and DVD duplication as well as replication starting as low as 300 units. This year they celebrate their 25th year of business in May.

About Dauntless Mastering
Mastering Engineer, Chris Sonia, owns and operates Dauntless Mastering in Keene, NH. WIth major label credits as producer, mixer and mastering engineer, Chris provides mastering services at competitive pricing for the music and film industries.

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