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CDMaker Holding Webinar to Announce Innovative Album Release

First Name:


Well, that title just about says it all. We are pleased to be announcing the news to you, our friends and colleagues in the music business.

What we want to share with you is what has been in our lab for over 8 months. Its been tough not spilling the beans along the way but we finally feel like we’re at a point where we can allow you a first peek.

Innovative Way To Release Your Album

If you’ve ever released an album you know that’s only the tip of the iceberg, you’ve got budget, squirrely distributors, warehousing (even if its your garage), returns, and hopefully reordering over and over.

We may have a solution for you. Is it for everyone? Probably not but we figure you’re one of the innovators in your brand of music and you may be one in the music business.

Are you in the Music Business?

And when we say music business we know the thing that tells you that you’re in the music BUSINESS is when you sell something.

We’re all about your music making you money and we believe what we are going to show you in this webinar will provide you a way for your music to make you money year after year after year.

Where the Real Gold is in any Business

The consumer has had everything going their way for a long time and they definitely are a critical part of any business. Don’t make them happy and you are on a long walk on a short pier.

But I believe that the music industry would be nothing without your talent and artistry and you need to have something to show for a sale other than “just” your share. The music labels know the real money is in the way you can reach out to a fanbase at will over and over and over. They just fill in a new artist.

Curious now?

We do have limited seating – so make sure you mark your calendars – it will be worth your time even if you don’t agree that its a good idea for you.

If you have friends in the music business you think would be interested – please share this and get them signed in. You are gonna want to be able to talk to someone when this thing is over and our phone lines may be busy.

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Google Music

Introducing Google Music

According to Google, Google Music is your direct route to selling and sharing your music with your fans. And they will even help you build your artist page and set your own prices so that you can sell your original songs.

Who should create an artist hub account in Google Music?

According to what I can see from Google HQ –

Currently this is only available to US artists.

All you need is a Google account and your original music where you own all the rights.

And if you already work with a record label or distributor? This isn’t for you.

Your music, now on Google.

This platform is through the Android Market. So any Google Music users can play their Android Market music purchases instantly on any device.

You set your prices, you keep the profit.

With Google Music you set your own retail prices for albums and tracks. You can quickly make your own promotions, like limited time price reductions, or make some tracks available as album-only purchases. The choices are yours.

You keep 70% of what you take in, paid to you monthly.


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How much does this cost you?

One-time fee, unlimited albums.

Google Music has a one-time $25 setup fee for each artist page and keeps a 30% commission on your sales. There are no other fees — not for uploading tracks, creating albums, making changes to existing albums, editing your artist page, or anything else within the artist hub.

You have the power to select and change what you sell, including new demos, live recordings and unreleased tracks.


Your page, your presence.

Every artist or band has a page within the Android Market to help Google Music users find out more about you. The artist page includes your bio, photo, links and the original music you have available for sale.

Once you’ve set up your account and activated your artist page, you can edit your information so that fans can learn more about you.

Sell on YouTube

Our integration with YouTube helps you sell your songs with a buy link in your music videos. If you are a YouTube partner, your store link can be promoted next to your video content so that fans can buy the song and add it to their Google Music libraries automatically.

Share on Google+

Plus, when any fan purchases your song or album from Android Market they will immediately be able to share a free play with the friends in their Google+ Circles. This lets your fans brag about their purchases and encourages their friends to buy your music, too.


Learn about Google Music more here in Google’s Help Center.


If you have experience as an independent musician or band and already have a Google Music account, we’d like to hear about your experience. Contact us and let us know what you’ve experienced. Contact Us




All Google trademarks and brands are property of Google. CDMaker is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Google. All content in this posting is intended for informational purposes only. Read all terms and conditions and perform your own due diligence before initiating any relationship or business with any company.

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Mobile Websites and DVD Duplication

Coolest thing happened this morning – we were in the middle of a production meeting when we had a walk-in client show up. We didn’t know her, she had never called our office, she was just driving around and thought “oh, I need to get some copies of a DVD done. Let me check my phone.” To make a short story even shorter, she googled – we came up, our mobile site showed and she touched the screen for directions and without any other help she drove to our office

Nest, clean, tidy and she is getting something done that she needed to do. Checking one item off her to-do list.

Because I was there, I asked her what did she see on her screen? And she showed me. I asked her was being so easy to see on the phone and having map location option help make up her mind. Can you guess what she said?

So right there I have a solid data point that having a mobile website closed a sale without requiring a phone call or any time of my staff until the point of placing an order. Client acquistion on easy.

Plus its pretty cool she got exactly what she needed with only the gas she used to detour a couple of blocks.

I love our mobile site – you can take a look at it – its simple and easy – not a huge graphic design project  – its all about using the functionality of the mobile device or phone with the needs of the user which in this case was the question “where are they?”

For a reasonable price for a mobile website – I recommend that you head over to here to get an inexpensive powerful business mobile site working for you today like mine did for me.

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Pandora Radio Survey

Here’s the link to the survey – Pandora Survey

Couldn’t get it to fit into the page so click over its only 3 yes/no questions and a place where you can write other opinions.

If you want to find out about survey results – email – [email protected]

how do i get my music on pandora

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Place an order in April – Get a Scratch Off Lottery Ticket

Yup, you read that right!

We’re always trying to balance out the serious business of getting CDs and DVD projects done right and on time. So we started having our Friday Scratch Off where everyone in the office pitches in a few pennies and we use one to scratch off the ticket. (So far, we haven’t won big yet. But if we do..)

Being as we were having so much fun with it, even if we’re not winning (yet), we thought this way you could join in the fun.

So for every duplication or replication project placed in April we’ll give out a Texas scratch off lottery ticket for you to join in the fun. Don’t worry we won’t ask to share in your potential riches (you won’t in ours!) and if you want you can apply it to your account if you want. Whatever works for you.

It should go without saying that we’re not saying you will win or you won’t, we’re just saying if you place an order we’ll give you a gift of a scratch off.

If you’re out of town we can either mail it OR we can communicate over Skype and you can see us scratch off your ticket.

So get your act together if you’re planning to release soon. We’d love to hand out one of these to you as our thank you for choosing CDMaker for your duplication project.

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Casey Abrams – American Idol?

Get a load of this – I know he’s not from Austin but he should be – – –

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