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What Justin Bieber’s Mom Can Teach You About Youtube Music Marketing

Whether you personally love him or hate him, Pattie Mallette loves Justin Bieber.  Of course, she’s his mom. And she believed in him for a long time before he captured the attention of record producers and moved out once he turned 18.

baby picture of justin bieber He was really cute, don’t you think?

But before he became the (in)famous music force, Pattie wanted the family that didn’t live near them or wherever Justin was performing, to hear him singing. AND  she understood that Youtube could offer a way for her to easily share his performances with long distance family.

There’s the really interesting story about how he was discovered on Youtube and so I got curious about it and started to look into what actually happened behind the story and was there anything in that story that could be applied to music marketing in general on youtube. Most importantly, could any artist utilize whatever was done without having to hire someone or a whole entourage to get some traction.

And then I found it.

In her book, Nowhere But Up, she had this to say about her efforts on youtube.

“Because I was pretty good with technology, I was able to not only upload the videos but also tag them for the search engine in such a way that his grandmother and even other relatives and family friends could easily find them in the YouTube video jungle. I even set up a channel specifically for Justin’s videos called “Kidrauhl.”

If you want to immerse yourself in Bieber – just google Bieber Discovered on Youtube. You can even find out what she called it “Kidrauhl” if you’re extra curious.

But let’s take a look at some of the nitty gritty of what she did with the individual videos themselves.

This is one of the earliest videos Uploaded on Jan 29, 2007.

Title: Justin Singing Rapping Basketball by Lil Bow Wow

Some of the obvious things to note are – he started with covers and Pattie knew a little something.

Popular songs have a following. Songs like that have what we call  search volume i.e. lots of people looking for it on youtube. And conventional wisdom is that if someone likes a song a video of that same song stands a STRONG LIKELIHOOD that they will be OK if someone they DON’T already know is singing it.

Justin got a lot of views – and they weren’t just his grandma hitting the play again button.

If you go to youtube and in the search bar across the top just search for rapping Basketball Lil Bow Wow

Today – after clearing my cache and cookies – it sure looked like Justin’s video was being shown above any Lil Bow Wow’ video.

And I found a few things you might be able to do that I can share with you that you can start using today in your videos.

If you’d like cheat sheet to help you optimize your youtube videos for views, just pop your first name and email in the box and I’ll send it right over.


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Exclusive Fan Discovery Android App Program For CDMaker Clients

Starting at the beginning of 2014 SXSW Music Festival, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate that to totally blow your minds and offer an exclusive benefit to using CDMaker for your CD and DVD projects – we’ll make you an android app (a $1499 value) featuring you and your music with music clips and all which you can either tell us to route to your iTunes download OR if you prefer to completely bypass and earn 100% of the sale – to your own website where you have downloads of your album(s).

But How Can CDMaker offer a Free Android App Development?

We hear what you’re saying – we’re just supposed to do CDS and DVDs. Well, we can’t help it if we care more than the average manufacturing studio.

First, we can also develop sellable apps for Android and iPhone but we suspect we’re a little early to the game on that one so we thought and thought about what would help you NOW – today.

The news isn’t good for music discovery by the average music fan – according to Digital Music News – most people apparently just aren’t into you. (For More Info Read – Why Musicians Should Be Very Sad ABout the Death of The CD.)

But some are…

And that’s where you need to focus.

And that’s where our app development can help you – focus on your target fan, the ones that love you the most.

So why an app?

Everything is going mobile – which means its going on the phone.Yes, you should have merch at the table – t-shirts, posters, CDs, DVDS, heck even some outlandish things that they can only get from your show. So even if YOU aren’t mobile – a lot of your fans are.

Everything is heading digital – duh! But even if it is – do you have a way of getting the contact information? I mean if you sold 100 downloads on iTune- do you know how to connect them to let them know about your new shows or latest release?

If you just publish downloads through iTunes or other online stores, you MIGHT sell some. We know of several labels that only publish on vinyl and everything else is downloads from their site. But without a way to reconnect – every time its like you’re starting over at the beginning and having to get their attention again – its expensive and depressing if you’re not building traction.

ADVANTAGES of having An App

1. can reach all your fans with a text message

2. can add in a social media aspect making it easy for your fans to connect with you on Facebook

3. Have a place where your shows and dates are updated automatically and you have access where you can update things yourself

4. make more money by selling your downloads yourself from your own site

5. gain perceived coolness because not many bands/artists have their own apps

And that’s just a few of the benefits –

So what’s the catch?

Typically the average app budget is $8000 but you’re not going to pay anything near that. CDMaker will develop the app and host it for 6 months at no additional charge as long as we’re providing the CD and/or DVD duplication and manufacturing. After the 6 months – if you want to continue enjoying the benefits – its just $20 per month payable every 6 months –  you can cancel anytime prior to renewal. That’s it.

As you can see – we don’t sell CD duplication  – we sell a music delivery system with a social media flare.

Can you imagine using your app as a way to stand out in a sea of new releases at the magazine that features your music? Come on, get real – in truth there is NOTHING newsworthy about releasing your music – EXCEPT for your family and fans. Why not use the tool and get some traction in the world?

Did you know that the average album only sells about 500 copies?

With that in mind, what’s easier – marketing to the whole world OR marketing to the 300 – 500 fans that would buy anything you publish.

You can ignore this and keep on doing what you are doing – OR you can live on the wild side and really work to stand out by choosing CDMaker as your source for CD pressing.

CDMaker invites you to get noticed and make more money. Call us today 800-678-1998 or shoot us an email and we’ll get back with you shortly.

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CDMaker Holding Webinar to Announce Innovative Album Release

First Name:


Well, that title just about says it all. We are pleased to be announcing the news to you, our friends and colleagues in the music business.

What we want to share with you is what has been in our lab for over 8 months. Its been tough not spilling the beans along the way but we finally feel like we’re at a point where we can allow you a first peek.

Innovative Way To Release Your Album

If you’ve ever released an album you know that’s only the tip of the iceberg, you’ve got budget, squirrely distributors, warehousing (even if its your garage), returns, and hopefully reordering over and over.

We may have a solution for you. Is it for everyone? Probably not but we figure you’re one of the innovators in your brand of music and you may be one in the music business.

Are you in the Music Business?

And when we say music business we know the thing that tells you that you’re in the music BUSINESS is when you sell something.

We’re all about your music making you money and we believe what we are going to show you in this webinar will provide you a way for your music to make you money year after year after year.

Where the Real Gold is in any Business

The consumer has had everything going their way for a long time and they definitely are a critical part of any business. Don’t make them happy and you are on a long walk on a short pier.

But I believe that the music industry would be nothing without your talent and artistry and you need to have something to show for a sale other than “just” your share. The music labels know the real money is in the way you can reach out to a fanbase at will over and over and over. They just fill in a new artist.

Curious now?

We do have limited seating – so make sure you mark your calendars – it will be worth your time even if you don’t agree that its a good idea for you.

If you have friends in the music business you think would be interested – please share this and get them signed in. You are gonna want to be able to talk to someone when this thing is over and our phone lines may be busy.

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Just Ask and You’ll Get a Mobile Fan Collector For Your Band

By Carolyn Holzman

Ever wonder how all this mobile stuff applies to you as a musician or band? Its all well and good but you’re not really a techie and more importantly you don’t want to be one. How can you make it happen?

That’s where we’re hoping to make a difference for you, right here, right now, today if you take action.

Ever seen one of these? What you need to use them is a smart phone with a QR Code (that’s Quick Response Code) Reader.

Do you think ANY of your fans have Smart Phones?

But what’s even more important than being able to just make a code is to have it go to something that FITS on the tiny screen of a smart phone.

What has been so crazy is that people are saying QR codes don’t work – but a huge majority of early adaptors had these things going to REGULAR websites.

You know what I mean – they link to sites that either shrink down to a tiny size so it all fits and good luck ready it.


The stay the same size and you’re scrolling your fingers off trying to find a phone number.

Are you with me?

Now, take your smart phone – open your QR reader (and if you don’t have one – they are free in the app or play stores) and snap this first one.

See how the video fits into the screen and there’s even a link to the facebook page.


   Just image how this could work for your situation.

Don’t about HOW just imagine this video was one of YOURS?

What if the link went to YOUR Facebook Page?

Could you use more fan engagement? Did you know that every fan on your Facebook Page can be invited to your show when you set up an EVENT?

What if you had one of your own like this?



Well, you can have one and you can have it for absolutely NO out of pocket expenses.


Then you don’t have to worry about HOW you just have to put it somewhere.


If you are on your phone looking at the screen – see at the bottom Get One of These for You At No Charge?

CDmaker means it. Zero, zip , nadda. You couldn’t pay us to do this for you.

If you click on that link with your finger – this is where it will take you and all you have to do is include your name and email.

When you do that we’ll send you an email with exactly the TWO things you need to send us and then we’ll email back a QR code.  We’ll even send you the email even if its 2 AM!

And if you feel like you’re not as slick on the technology you can go here but the page is really set up for mobile – but you can type in no problem.

How’s that for service?

Then when you have it you can add it to your show posters or postcards or even your own Facebook status where you can encourage people to use their smart phones to use it. Ask your friends to share it.

We’ve sent one for a heavy metal band in Oklahoma, a music presenter and of course, one for ourselves.

Hope you will like us enough to LIKE us on Facebook.

Please feel free to tell us what you think below in the comments, we’re here so that you can be a success.

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