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Printer Spreads

printer spreads

What’s the Diff between Reader and Printer Spreads?

Often times when cd duplication is needed the artwork that goes into the jewel case is a booklet that is printed folded and stapled. Putting together the artwork for this is sometimes harder than anticipated these days since many graphic designers do not have as much if any experience with ink hitting paper. So how a booklet fits together on a press is not as pressing a concern.

But as long as jewel case inserts are needed some are going to be booklets.

The smaller number of pages in a booklet is 8. An 8 page booklet is two 4-panel inserts, one nested inside the other and stapled down the fold. Usually these are available only on replication runs but depending on who provides your CD duplication, they may be able to do a booklet in short runs. Don’t assume that because you need it that a cd dvd production service can provide it.

So getting back to the booklet – they come in 8 pages and the next size up is 12 pages. Then 16 pages and then 20 pages and on up would constitute types of booklets for CDs. One time we did a 32 page booklet for NASA on the effect of zero gravity on hearing. Oh, yeah, we do that too!

Each booklet requires another 4-panel insert –

Take an 8 page booklet and add a third 4-panel and that brings you up to 12 pages – see the pattern?

So when you plan your artwork and you know you want a booklet – think in patterns of 4 – assuming the cover is an image that would leave you with 7 pages of content for an 8 page booklet.

For more information, give us a call if you need to know anything about printer spreads.

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