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CDMaker Issues Catalog

cdmaker catalog cover imageIt is with with pleasure that CDMaker announces the publication of its CD and DVD catalog. By signing up below you can receive your copy. We’ll be updating it from time to time as we add different packages.

What’s in our catalog?

We put together some of the more popular packages for single disc titles. There’s some general pricing guidelines so you can see what you might see the different relationships between how many you order and how they are packaged.

Some quick questions we’ve been asked about the information in the catalog –

What’s the difference between duplication and replication?

Duplication is usually recommend when the number of copies from the same master is below 300. Replication is actually manufacturing just like a major record label or film studio when they release a new title.

Then of course, we get asked which is better – duplication or replication?

Replication is the most “reliable” since it takes a fair amount of physical abuse to damage a replicated disc. But its always a balance between how many you are needing. We would never recommend duplication if you needed more than 300 pieces – it wouldn’t make economic sense. BUT you might need something in a few days – and replication takes more production time than duplication.

Click on the word “replication” to learn more about replication.

What if what I need isn’t in the catalog?

That’s one of the reasons why we debated putting one together. No matter how many things we put in there’s always going to be options that we didn’t think someone would want to do – so the perfectionist approach is not to try.

Well, we’re taking the chance that if someone decides to ONLY use the catalog and not talk with us right away that we would have enough clused in the catalog to make sure that it was possible for someone to see that we’re hoping to work with you and to ask if you are thinking something that is out of the ordinary.

Will you provide templates?

Of course, we will – we have found that with the same thing being called two or more different terms, that we can help you to identify WHICH template you need –  we’ve been asked to quote on a 4-panel jewel case insert only to find that what they really needed was an 8-panel front insert (4 panels on each side). Its easy for there to be near misses on terminology. We’re really good at explaining and we would LOVE to talk with you on the phone.

If you are a graphic designer or someone who release multiple titles per year, we’ve published the templates on discs. Let one of us know and we’ll mail it out to you,


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When is “No Problem” a problem?

ruin of civilizationThe other day there was an article on the editorial page of our local newspaper, the Austin American Statesman, in which the writer spoke of when she thanked a person where she had shopped and they responded with “no problem” it made her want to do business elsewhere. She really went after what she saw as the underlying motivation for what would cause “no problem” to be the response to “‘thank you” and painted it more like the fall of civilization. She seemed to be saying that if in doing business with a company is all about you, then the customer will go elsewhere since it doesn’t matter to that business – it was “not a problem to provide that service.”

Well, it got me to thinking – why do people stop doing business with a business and I remembered reading somewhere that the number one reason people leave a business is not because of price or other things but when it appears or seems to the customer that the business no longer values the business dollars that that customer brings.

Huh. Perception is reality in this case for sure.

Because its human nature to scan any topic for “what’s this got to do with me?” I of couse wondered if we as a business had made a point of making that clear to our clients? So in the interest of making CDMaker’s position clear, those that wish to do business with CDMaker, we do value your business.

That’s why we always strive to have a live (knowledgeable) person answer the phone. We don’t have a receptionist – there’s no one too good here to pick up the phone.

We response to emails within the hour for the most part during the business day – what’s the point of sending an email if no one responds? We believe this is how we show you how much your business means to us.

We give realistic turntimes – again, we value your business. How insulting would it be for us to know how much is riding on a CD or DVD being available but never tell you if your due date is realistic?

We just had a client ask us something about his CD and we followed up on it and made sure it wasn’t a problem. We weren’t content until we had put our hands back on the CD and were able to confirm without a doubt that there wasn’t any problem. His response? “You really care about my CD, don’t you?”

Yes, CDMaker really cares. And…

You are welcome! It was no problem to make sure you are happy.




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How to Get Track Names on iTunes

apple's itunes logoWe gets asked a lot about how to get track names on itunes. Well, that’s not really how it happens, we get calls saying we did something wrong because when their CD was shoved into a computer and itunes grabbed it, someone else’s name and song titles are showing on the computer screen.

How did someone else get track names on itunes with my CD?

Luckily for all of us, none of this data comes from the disc (which means its not a manufacturing issue) instead it comes from an online database and what people see in this case is just a guess by the database as to what you’ve just put into your computer.

Get Track Names on iTunes

Now this doesn’t GET your music on itunes for sale what this does is incorporate your information in the database that itunes and Window’s media player utilize. And there are many many servers that make up this database and so from whichever one your information first goes into, it takes time to filter and update through each one.

Don’t get this database confused with CD-Text that does get embedded in your master in the studio. That’s something altogether different.

If you have questions, please free to contact us via the support page at even if you haven’t used our services for manufacturing, we welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the high level of knowledge and experience that CDMaker can offer.

In the meantime, remember to like this page if you enjoy free helpful information.

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Mobile Websites and DVD Duplication

Coolest thing happened this morning – we were in the middle of a production meeting when we had a walk-in client show up. We didn’t know her, she had never called our office, she was just driving around and thought “oh, I need to get some copies of a DVD done. Let me check my phone.” To make a short story even shorter, she googled – we came up, our mobile site showed and she touched the screen for directions and without any other help she drove to our office

Nest, clean, tidy and she is getting something done that she needed to do. Checking one item off her to-do list.

Because I was there, I asked her what did she see on her screen? And she showed me. I asked her was being so easy to see on the phone and having map location option help make up her mind. Can you guess what she said?

So right there I have a solid data point that having a mobile website closed a sale without requiring a phone call or any time of my staff until the point of placing an order. Client acquistion on easy.

Plus its pretty cool she got exactly what she needed with only the gas she used to detour a couple of blocks.

I love our mobile site – you can take a look at it – its simple and easy – not a huge graphic design project  – its all about using the functionality of the mobile device or phone with the needs of the user which in this case was the question “where are they?”

For a reasonable price for a mobile website – I recommend that you head over to here to get an inexpensive powerful business mobile site working for you today like mine did for me.

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Customer Service at CDMaker

Avis has come up with a great series of ads focusing on customer service and really taking care of their clients.


Here at CDMaker we applaud this kind of corporate elbow grease because we’ve known for a long time that if you take care of your clients its good. Its good for them, for business and most importantly for us as human beings. We like what we do and we like it even more when we hear the relief creep into someone’s voice who was panicked about their project because they couldn’t actually talk with the same live person when they needed.

So we’d like to know your experiences – use the comment area below and let’s all treat each other as people not invoices.

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