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Data CD Reproduction in Austin Texas

We’ve had a lot of people call us to ask if we do data cd reproduction in Austin, Texas. The long and short answer is YES!

A data CD as long as you have already confirmed all your data fits onto a single CD which you can do by burning your master, is definitely right up our alley. Its going to stay exactly as you have your master set up so when you receive your copies back, they will match your master file for file.

Music CDs tend to be a little more involved because how fast the data is duplicated will affect the sound quality.

Reproduction can take place in two ways – duplication (which is great for quantities of less than 500) and replication (which is suitable for quantities 500 +). Which one is best? Hard to say, in our 24 years of producing audio/video/data content, there are times where normally we would duplicate but once we know what someone wants to use it for, we recommend replication. Of course, usually this also means upping the quantity desired so that replication is as cost effective as it can be.

To get started with Data CD Reproduction in Austin Texas call 512-388-1998

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Music Duplication for CDs

So why is music duplication so different from just making a copy on a computer?

First music has a specific playback device – the CD music player – that is in a car or a home stereo. A music file format is not just an mp3 file. The original music file is called a .WAV format. Like a graphic jpeg is a file will just enough information recreate the original high resolution image, so an mp3 is an audio format with less detailed information. While there are a growing number of CD players that offer mp3 playback – a professional recording will be authored for an audio playback device that requires more information or data in order to all the audio details to be heard by the naked ear. The music cd duplication is ideally a way to recreate the highest audio fidelity from the original source master.

Authoring a CD for Music duplication

There is so much that is now done on a home computer its hard to imagine that there might be more and yet a professionally produced audio CD requires care so that the full sound – what was captured in the studio, all that is good, can be heard while minimizing what may detract from the optimal sound.

There is a subsection of production call “mastering” or “audio authoring”. This is where after editing and mixing down there is a process which typically is even a separate studio that specializes in enhancing the desired sound traits and minimize or eliminate the negatives. For instance, there may be some moments of silence or what might be called “pure black” but when run through an analyzer  its clear that its not pure silence – mastering essentially whites out the background noise and creates a pure silence. Often these details can be heard only when pointed out but you know there’s a difference you just don’t know what the difference is.

Mastering engineers will tell you master the track for the playback device. If you know you’re going to release a track on itunes – in addition to mastering the track to go through music duplication, have an mp3 mastered for mp3 playback.

Music duplication vs replication

When it comes to which one is better – it really boils down to how many units you need – duplication of 100 units is a much more financially sound decision but you are talking about CDRs and some (not many to be sure) CD players treat a duplicated CD differently than a replicated CD.

That’s why CDMaker takes special notice of music CDs and provide a music duplication service that stands head and shoulders above even Fortune 500 companies offering the “same”. We will tell you the brand of blank CDs and DVDs we use, we will tell you what speed we duplicate and that each individual duplicated CD is double checked before its off the duplicator if its going to work or not.

Give us a call and let us show you what we can do to make you sound as good as you did in the studio.

13581 Pond Springs Road, Suite 301
Austin, TX 78729

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CD DVD Duplicating

This week we had a couple of new clients looking for CD DVD duplicating, call in desperation, they had been trying to duplicate over 200 discs of three different titles. They had had enough and needed someone to just do it for them. So why is cd dvd duplicating so popular?

CD DVD Duplicating

With the ability to purchase blank CDs in the local grocery store and the fact that even the least expensive computer comes standard with a CD burner, cd dvd duplicating has gained huge popularity through the years. CD DVD duplicating services are available today that inexpensive and fast. Unlike CD replication where a glass master and stampers are made, CD DVD duplication means producing number of copies of CDs or DVDs without the glass master replication being done.

CD DVD Duplicating

CDRs and DVDrs are plentiful for duplicating

The ideal situation for duplication is when you need a few and you can’t wait the time it normally takes to manufacture which is approx 10 business days.

When your need for CD DVD duplicating is very or relatively  low, it is not wise to get into full replication. Getting into full replication for a small run will overall cost far more than to duplicate a few. A full CD replication comes with a minimum quantity usually 500 +. When it comes to a small run, your requirement will cost less than the minimum quantity required for CD replication. You will pay MORE per unit for duplication but the overall total of your invoice will be less than a full replication run.

The CD duplication process when compared to what it takes to perform a complete replication process is very cheap and very easy to perform.

CD DVD Duplicating

But since you can do it on your computer, the question comes up, is it wise to do CD duplication by yourself?

Duplication on a laptop or computer is very time intensive, you can only do one at a time. This is what our new client discovered.

So what are some other ways?

CD DVD Duplicating

You can always purchase a duplicator, there are many on the market. Though they are easy to order, all of them come with very heavy price tags. So it can be a false savings to think by doing it yourself with a duplicator. But the main purpose of CD duplication is to reduce the cost involved in complete CD replication. So  buying a CD duplicator device will make the CD duplication process much costlier than doing a full Cd replication. So for a short run, rather than reinvent the wheel so to speak, it is always better to get the Cd duplication done through a professional cd duplication service.

Looking for a professional duplication company? You’ve found one here – click on the contact page or call 800-678-1998 or 512-388-1998.

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CD DVD Duplication Replication – Glossary

CD DVD Duplication Replication

It can be a jungle out there if you’re looking for information on cd dvd duplication replication or whatever you need in relation to your disc project. Which one is best for you or even what are the differences can be an education in itself before you even choose which duplication service to trust.

cd dvd duplication replication

CD DVD Duplication Replication glossary


The content is recorded onto CD-R & DVD-R discs from your supplied disc (CD-R or DVD-R). Duplication is used for all quantities, large and small, and offers the fastest turnaround. This is CD DVD duplication, replication is different.


Discs are pressed from a glass master that is made from your supplied disc (CD-R or DVD-R). Replication requires extensive technical setup and is only used for quantities of 500 & more.

Please contact us for assistance if you are not sure which process, duplication or replication, is best for you. We’ll be glad to help! Read more about how CDs work.

Graphic Art & Proofing Terms


The extra amount of that your art image extends beyond the trim edge of your artwork.


Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black

the four primary colors used to generate full color press, or high quality, printing.


Once your artwork is ready for duplication or replication, a sample view, called a proof, is emailed to you for approval. The process of receiving and approving proofs is called proofing. Once your proofs are emailed to you your project is on hold until your approval is received.


Red, Green & Blue, the primary colors used to create images for viewing on a PC monitor.


Image density measured in dots per inch.

Packaging Terms


Case standard DVD case.

Cardboard Sleeve

folding sleeve with a pocket to hold the disc.


opens like a 4 panel insert.


lightweight plastic case, sometimes called a c-shell case from it’s appearance.


similar to a cardboard sleeve but it includes a tray to hold the disc rather than a pocket.

Insert the removable sleeve stored in the jewel case lid.
2 panel insert 1 page with a front and back, no folds.
4 panel insert 2 pages on each side, 1 fold.
6 panel insert 3 pages on each side, 2 folds.
8 panel insert 4 pages on each side, 3 folds.
10 panel insert 5 pages on each side, 4 folds.
Booklet insert opens as a book and contains a minimum of 8 panels.
Jewel case a typical plastic Compact Disc case.
Panel A section of an insert folder between two folds or between a fold and a trimmed edge. One panel is considered to be two pages, a front and back for each.
Spindle cylinder shaped case for holding large quantities of CDs.
Sleeve paper envelope fitted for CDs with a clear window on the front.
Slimline half the thickness of a standard jewel case. Slimlines can fit an insert but not a tray card.
Tray card the permanent page on the underside of the jewel case with a spine for labeling the CD.

Printing Terms

The first number indicates the color of the front. The second number indicates the color of the back.

0 = no print, 1 = one color & 4 = full color.

For example, a 4/4 (4 over 4) four panel insert package would include a four panel insert with full color printing on the front & back.

4/0 Indicates full color print on the front and no print on the back.
4/1 Indicates full color print on the front and one color print on the back.
4/4 Indicates full color print on the front and full color print on the back.

Over& Under Run The number of units an order is over or under

Offset The superior on-disc print process resulting in improved images, skin tones, full color graphics and text. Replication on-disc print is printed on a shiny silver disc face. So if you what any part of the disc to be white – you need to include it in your artwork and at the very least put in on your order form and speak to your rep about it.

Screen The on disc print process using mesh screens and stencils.

CD DVD Duplication Replication

As you can see CD DVD duplication, replication, can be as simple as what you do at home OR as sophisticated as what a major record label or publisher  does to release a project.

CD DVD Duplication Replication

IF you have any specific questions about how best your project would be best to go -duplication or replication, please call 800-678-1998.

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