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CD Pressing Company Issues Smartphone App

CDMaker is proud to announce that they have published a smartphone app for iphone, ipad and android.

When it comes to CD pressing, its hard to make distinctions there are so many companies that do it . But when it comes to being available to talk with customers or new people, CDMaker stands out by excellent customer relations. And part of that is being willing to be available WHERE consumers like to be and today that platform is mobile.

We are so excited that this app will be available to anyone who wants to get a status or a new quote while they are on the go or when they think of what they forgot to do.

Plus we will run monthly specials that will be exclusively available to those that have this app.

To access this app – go on your phone with your website browser to

When prompted – tap on the add to menu and the app will install on your phone. To receive automatic notifications just subscribe for them.

If you’re looking for CD pressing or manufacturing or a DVD product, please contact us by phone, email, website, or now your smartphone.

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How to Get Track Names on iTunes

apple's itunes logoWe gets asked a lot about how to get track names on itunes. Well, that’s not really how it happens, we get calls saying we did something wrong because when their CD was shoved into a computer and itunes grabbed it, someone else’s name and song titles are showing on the computer screen.

How did someone else get track names on itunes with my CD?

Luckily for all of us, none of this data comes from the disc (which means its not a manufacturing issue) instead it comes from an online database and what people see in this case is just a guess by the database as to what you’ve just put into your computer.

Get Track Names on iTunes

Now this doesn’t GET your music on itunes for sale what this does is incorporate your information in the database that itunes and Window’s media player utilize. And there are many many servers that make up this database and so from whichever one your information first goes into, it takes time to filter and update through each one.

Don’t get this database confused with CD-Text that does get embedded in your master in the studio. That’s something altogether different.

If you have questions, please free to contact us via the support page at even if you haven’t used our services for manufacturing, we welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the high level of knowledge and experience that CDMaker can offer.

In the meantime, remember to like this page if you enjoy free helpful information.

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Data CD Reproduction in Austin Texas

We’ve had a lot of people call us to ask if we do data cd reproduction in Austin, Texas. The long and short answer is YES!

A data CD as long as you have already confirmed all your data fits onto a single CD which you can do by burning your master, is definitely right up our alley. Its going to stay exactly as you have your master set up so when you receive your copies back, they will match your master file for file.

Music CDs tend to be a little more involved because how fast the data is duplicated will affect the sound quality.

Reproduction can take place in two ways – duplication (which is great for quantities of less than 500) and replication (which is suitable for quantities 500 +). Which one is best? Hard to say, in our 24 years of producing audio/video/data content, there are times where normally we would duplicate but once we know what someone wants to use it for, we recommend replication. Of course, usually this also means upping the quantity desired so that replication is as cost effective as it can be.

To get started with Data CD Reproduction in Austin Texas call 512-388-1998

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Music CD Duplication Services vs Data Duplication

When you’re looking for music CD duplication services, what makes music duplication different from a data disk duplication?

The actual duplication process of creating an image of the source disc or the master is exactly the same whether you’re duplicating music or data, there ARE concerns that are specific to the duplication of music that will have an effect on the final result.

Critical Aspects Specific to Music CD Duplication

image of blank suitable for music cd duplication


First, there is the quality of the blank disc itself. There are different professional grades. The kind of discs that can be gotten very cheaply from Office Depot are not even as good as the lowest quality professional grade. One distinction when evaluating the quality of a blank disc is determined by the amount of the dye on the bottom of the disc. More dye is going to be a better disc which in turn will give you a better music cd duplication

The more dye that is there the greater the amount of data can be deeply burned into the dye on the bottom of the disc. The less grades of discs have less and less of this coating. They have enough to be copied but it makes a music cd more likely for there to be a loss of playability as the dye begins to breakdown over time. You have to know who manufactured the CDR because you can’t just tell by the color when you flip the disc over to look at the underneath color – there are other disc characteristics of a CDR that also help determine its quality grade.

Wikipedia has a great write up on what makes a great CD-R. And we have more detailed information on music cd duplication click here.

Then there is duplication speed, how fast is the laser being asked to burn the data can affect how well the data is written to the disc and how deeply the information is set into the dye.

So what good is it to have a great disc if you don’t give it a chance to have a good burn of the data? When it comes to music cd duplication all of it plays a huge part in the resulting sound. Most duplication services are trying to get the most discs out in the fastest amount of time and to keep track of different duplication speeds on all the different equipment is challenging – not impossible.

Music CD Duplication Service

And this has a huge impact on music CDs when they are duplicated. Unlike a file with some text on it – there is a huge amount of data that even a 3 minute track will contain that a data only file doesn’t have. All that data is information for the CD player. So the more data available on the disc, the better the sound.

We’ve run tests of the same master at 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X and 64X. Then we did a blind test to see what if any difference we could hear from the naked ear. Not on headphones – just ambient playback. Same source master for each, same high quality blank disc, the only difference was the speed.

The results were interesting. No differences were charted on the 4X, 8X, 16X. It wasn’t until we got to the 32X and faster than we could actually hear a difference. We didn’t investigate into what was causing the differences because once we heard a difference it didn’t matter. When it comes to music cd duplication projects in our studio, we don’t charge extra to slow things down.

Most duplication services are duplicating much faster than 16X and many will charge a fee to slow down because they are scheduling machines so the difference between the different speed could move only half as many discs through the machine on an 8 hour shift once it was slowed down to 16X. I hope that is clear – most duplication services do not distinquish between music masters and data masters – they will duplicate them as though they are all the same.

However, we at CDMaker do consider them differently and slow down the duplication speed especially when it comes to the music cd duplication projects.

If you’re interested in working with a  service that cares about how well your copies reflect the sound of the work you did in the studio, give us a call (512) 388-1998. CDMaker can be found at 13581 Pond Springs Road, Suite 301, Austin, TX 78729. After all, don’t you think your music and work deserve the best music cd duplication service around?

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