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  • Complete Disc Manufacturing Service
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  • We Make Happy People every day
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CDmaker is the face of the original company called EMA, the name was officially updated in 2009 to more accurately describe our services. In our 24 years of being in business the face and game of business has changed so much – and we’ve been called to adapt to it.

When we first got the domain back in 1997  – – not a lot of business was done over the internet. Now in 2014, its a while ‘nuther ballgame. So changing the company name in 2009 to match the super cool domain name was really a no brainer.

We still subscribe to the same high levels of quality, dignity and respect.

Here at CDmaker we believe that you don’t have to be John Mayer to get a good price, turntime and nice people on the phone.

We believe you deserve the best pricing we can offer on your first call – you don’t have to call back to see if we’ll match a price.

We believe  because you only need a few that even those few need to be the best duplicated copies.

We believe that if we see something that might generate a result different from your expectations, we raise our hand.

We believe that you deserve our best effort each and every time – new client or established client.

We believe that we are experts at what we do – cumulatively, between everyone who touches your product, your project has the benefit of over a hundred years of print experience.

We believe that the same respect and dignity given to you is the same way respect and dignity we deserve in return.

We believe that we can be more helpful to you to say “no” if we have to turn you down rather than to just tell you what you want to hear.

We believe that the same level of care and effort that went into your music or video or content is the same level of care and effort you deserve for the outer packaging and look. Sometimes that comes with a price – a reasonable price to be sure.

If you believe this is the kind of company you wish to do business with – give us a call at (512) 388-1998.

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Carolyn Holzman is owner of CDMaker and is an active part of the behind the scenes. The likelihood that you’re working with CDMaker and for her to not know is extremely unlikely.